Friday, July 04, 2014

Olympic Peninsula's Connection to Nature needs to be Marketed

It's too bad a 199-page marketing report was necessary to spell out the obvious. The Olympic Peninsula's connection to nature is the most important part of this area's identity, and recreational opportunities need to be promoted if we want to attract more visitors.

This marketing study was conducted by North Star Destination Strategies of Tennessee and was funded by the Olympic Peninsula Tourism Commission, which is based in Port Angeles.  Diane Schostak, administrator of the tourism commission, said:

“The study is going to help drive our marketing decisions and our messaging for the next decade.”

The tourism commission includes  tourism representatives from Clallam, Jefferson, Mason and Grays Harbor Counties.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks Tom, I missed that article. Here is a link to the report:

8:30 PM, July 04, 2014  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Again, this is just more of the same, that hasn't worked for years now.

Port Angeles has been here for 150 years, and you would think people would have figured out that Port Angeles is so wonderful by now, if it was.

In fact, as some may remember, people USED to come out here. There was a railroad that brought people out to a huge resort with hotsprings. People had vacation cottages along the lakes.

More recently, there USED to be 3 ferries running to Victoria, with people camped out over night in Port Angeles waiting for the next ferry. Now there is one, that often runs less than full.

Is this marketing strategy fresh, and new? Or more laziness, looking at what seems obvious.

Compare Port Angeles to this:

This is where the I-5 Corridor folks go.

Some day, Port Angeles might wake up and realize it's "Savior" is not going to be coming from outside. Not some magic industry that will suddenly appear from the East to make things all better. Not some clever marketing slogan to bring hoards of tourists into town.

Our "salvation" is our own to create.

Something to think about, on this "independence" holiday.

9:11 AM, July 05, 2014  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Someone should do a parody website for Clallam Co., with the visit Chelan website as a guide. Forks! Joyce! Beaver! So much to do around Port Angeles! IN FACT, don't just visit the state campgrounds around Port Angeles, MOVE INTO one! And PA is right there for you to stock up on liquor, beer, pot, ammo, raingear, worms, and Fritos(tm)!

On second thought, NO ONE would be able to tell it was a parody! YOU KNOW that if some entity were to create a pretty, easily navigable website for the area, it would IGNORE the (federal) park, and would have "weather stations", complete with "fog cams" at La Push, Crescent Beach, downtown PA, and at the end of each spit to alert visitors as to how nice, windy, and cool the weather is here.

Best to totally ignore the fact that a GIANT, SAFE, WORLD CLASS, STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL, ACCESSABLE (most hiking trails are at low elevation in one of the numerous big valleys and make GREAT SNOW FREE winter hikes too!) park is there, with 95% of it being at elevations conducive to nice warm weather half the freaking year.

Anyone else read the report? It's actually sort of hilarious. My favorite part is the blurb that locals here would rather shop at Piggly Wiggly than at Whole Foods....

Maybe we will luck out and the PDN will treat us to an article that will showcase the building in Enchanted Valley that Obama can't's been a few months...we are due one.

12:35 PM, July 05, 2014  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Port Angeles doesn't have anything unique. There are lots of places in the Pacific Northwest that have beautiful forested views, and other beautiful attributes.

Port Angeles reminds me of Coos Bay, Oregon. Another idustrial town right on the water. I drive right on by that city.

When I want to spend the time and my hard earned money to relax, and take my family to a place they all will enjoy, industrial cities don't even come to mind as options.

Port Angeles has made choices. You can't really appeal to people who seek natures' beauty, and at the same time allow huge log yards in the center of town. To have a mill that dominates the scenes in town, with the stink and dust. People who look for natures' beauty have MANY other places to go, that don't have those things.

It is an "either/or" kind of thing.

And, given the high and increasing cost of energy to move pretty much anything around, it isn't very likely any significant big industry is going to be moving out to Port Angeles. Some wonder how long Nippon will continue.

Oooops. Who could have known?

This has been discussed for years. The "good ole boy" crowd in Port Angeles never want to aknowledge "change", and have blocked any efforts for Port Angeles to move ahead.

So, here we are.

And people continue to leave.

8:58 AM, July 06, 2014  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So then, is that why you moved here and live here? For the "stink and the dust"?

3:23 PM, July 06, 2014  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Ah, yes.

As you might have noticed, the topic being discussed is an effort to lure tourists here, telling them how beautiful it is.

Not why I moved here.

Perhaps you think people who value natural beauty would come to Port Angeles, and not notice the mill spewing whatever into the air, the log yard, the stink (that smells like sewage) and the dust?

You think those types would choose to come to Port Angeles, or probably go to a place that doesn't stink like crap to spend their vacation?

You think a report that comes to a conclusion like the one being discussed, is a good use of your tax money?

5:15 PM, July 06, 2014  

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